2022 Stormwater Symposium

October 12 & 13, 2022

VUSP Stormwater Symposium 2022

Accepted Symposium Abstracts for Presentation

Building Resiliency in NJ and Beyond: Lessons Learned from the Rebuild by Design Meadowlands Program 
Cavanaugh, C. AECOM 

Stormwater Stories: Communicating Triple Bottom Line Benefits of Green Infrastructure 
Schmidt, M. Engineering & Land Planning Associates (E&LP) 

Partnership for Wissahickon Floodplain Reconnection 
Long, B. Biohabitats, Inc. 

Rainfall Analysis and Climate Change Projections for Municipal Infrastructure Planning 
Potts, A. Jacobs 

Remediation and Redevelopment along a FEMA AE Floodplain 
Ranstead, Z. T&M Associates 

The 2021 GSI Designer Survey – the data, the results and take home message 
Woodman, R. Ferguson Waterworks 

Digging into the Biogeochemistry of Internal Water Storage: Implications for Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Nitrogen Treatment 
McPhillips, L. Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Pennsylvania State University 

Shifting Sands: Evaluating Crushed Glass as a Novel Component of GSI Soil Media 
Popowsky, R. OLIN Studio 

Future Climate Impact on Raingarden Effectiveness in a Suburban Watershed 
Ryan, R.Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Temple University 

Comparison of Winter Deicing Operations for Permeable Interlocking Concrete Pavements (PICP) Compared to Asphalt 
Smith, D. Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute Foundation for Education & Research 

Post Construction Stormwater Management Design in Karst Regions 
Brown, S. NTM Engineering, Inc 

Tredyffrin Township Pollutant Reduction Plan (PRP) Strategy 
Burgo, S.Tredyffrin Township Public Works 

Design of Stormwater Control Measures for Extreme Rainfall 
Bowen, M. NTM Engineering, Inc 

An Overview of the Philadelphia Water Department's Green Stormwater Operations Unit (GSO) 
Kirkland, A. Green Stormwater Operations, Philadelphia Water Department 

Permeability Restoration of Permeable Interlocking Concrete Pavements 
Smith, D. Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute Foundation for Education & Research 

Expecting the Unexpected; Anticipation, Preparation, Response, and Oversight of Green Stormwater Infrastructure in an Urban Environment 
Bluebaugh, J. Green Stormwater Operations, Philadelphia Water Department 

PennDOT SCM Program Collaboration and Training Rollout Statewide 
Giannantonio, S.NTM Engineering, Inc 

Tools for Green Infrastructure Subsurface Strategic Asset Management 
Michini, T. Sci Tek Consultants 

Planning for Equity: An Overview of the Pittsburgh United/NRDC Rate Case Settlement with Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority 
Adams, M.Meliora Design 

Blue-Green Stormwater Infrastructure: Overview and Emerging Trends 
Potts, A. Jacobs Engineering Group 

Smart Stormwater Management – An Intelligent Stormwater Infrastructure Solution 
Bathurst, R.Century Engineering, Inc. 

Aquatic Resource Mitigation at Bensalem Township High School – PennDOT District 6-0 
Donaldson, A. Johnson, Mirmiran & Thomspon, Inc. (JMT) 

GSI: A Tool for Equitable Economic Recovery and Growth in Pennsylvania 
Cupo, A. Sustainable Business Network of Greater Philadelphia

Using Smart Stormwater Controls to Meet Stormwater Requirements and Preserve the Aesthetic Character of Two Historic Ponds in Harrisburg, PA 
Beck, S. Jacobs Engineering Group

Amending Bioswale Soil Media with Biochar Mitigates the Negative Effects of Compaction on Hydraulic Conductivity 
Caplan, J. Department of Earth and Environmental Science, Temple University

Permeable Pavement Case Study at Ursinus College 
Earley, K. Oldcastle

Finding Green and Gray Infrastructure Opportunities in Chicago, IL: A Masterplan Study of Social Equity and Building Resilient Community Infrastructure
Connolly, R. Stantec Consulting Services Inc.

Hydrologic Evaluation of a Vegetated Compost Blanket (VCB) Amending a Vegetated Filter Strip (VFS) on a Highway Median 
Forgione, E. Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Maryland

Building Operational Resilience for a Stormwater Maintenance Grounds Program 
Malloy, M. Green Stormwater Operations, Philadelphia Water Department

How To Improve Bioretention Success By Improving Soiling Testing 
Simon, K. Luck Ecosystems

Hold the Phone: Homing in on a more accurte ET estimate for Vegetated GSI 
Caplan, J. Temple University

Stormwater Control Measure Design Sizing Under Different Storm Sizes and Periods of Record – A Study of Runoff Capture and Water Quality Sensitivity and/or Success 
Epps, T. Craftwater Engineering

Touring America’s NPDES Construction Stormwater Regulations by Rail 
Wawernia, A. Michael Baker International, Inc.

Watershed-wide Flooding and Wet Weather Assessment and Mitigation Study in Fishing Creek Watershed, Columbia County, PA 
Vanaskie, M. HRG 

Green Stormwater Infrastructure at Wissinoming Park, Part 2: Construction Considerations and Lessons Learned 
Charles, T. Johnson, Mirmiran & Thompson, Inc. (JMT) 

Case Study: CSO Mitigation and Green Infrastructure Implementation at the PWD Northeast Water Pollution Control Plant 
Friedlich, B. Kleinfelder 

Lessons Learned: Stormwater BMP Construction Challenges & Issues 
Mayer, G. AECOM 

Opportunities for Improvement when Severe Weather Complicates Construction 
Ellenberg, C. AECOM 

Reshaping the Regulatory Framework: An Avant Garde Clasic Equitable Fully Distributed Integrated Approach for Optimal Green Infrastructure Selection 
Seersma, J. Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Colorado State University

Increasing Stormwater Resiliency Through Innovative Codes & Ordinances 
Paone, C. AKRF

I don't remember it raining like this before; stormwater design and regulatory context 
Emerson, C. Princeton Hydro

Impact of Soil Compaction and Restrictive Layer Depth on Total Infiltration Volume and Flooding 
Clark, S. Pennsylvania State University

Stormwater Management and Engineering Solutions in Refugee Camps at the US/Mexico border 
Merrill, S. Solidarity Engineering 



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