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About the Series

Nova Network November is a series of more than 40 events dedicated to enhancing the professional development of Villanova alumni, parents, graduate students and students in the College of Professional Studies. All programs and events will take place during the month of November online, on campus and across the Nova Nation.  

Learn more about this exciting new University initiative:


Visit the event list to view the full schedule of events. More events will be added in the coming weeks, so continue to check back for updates.

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Virtual Series

Learn from campus leaders during live webinars and virtual coaching sessions. Topics include: 

  • Augustinian Values in the Workplace 
  • Supercharge Your Career Through a Fulbright 
  • Enhance Your Skillset with Six Sigma 
  • Resume Coaching for Experienced Professionals Sold Out
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Campus Connections

University staff and alumni share their expertise on topics related to careers and leadership. Sessions include: 

  • “Ignite Your Strengths: Leveraging Your Unique Talents in Your Career” with Kevin Grubb, Executive Director, Career Center, Assistant Vice Provost, Professional Development (Austin, TX) 
  • “Walking the Line: Gender, Communication, and the Double-Bind" with Terri Boyer, EdD, ’95 CLAS, Founding Director, Anne Welsh McNulty Institute for Women’s Leadership (Chicago, IL) 
  • “Leading Matters” with John Hennessy '73 (Villanova, PA) 
  • “Strategies to Work Smarter, Not Harder” with Maggie Mistal '95 (Parkland, FL) 
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Regional Networking

Attend a networking event in your hometown. Events hosted by Regional Clubs and Affinity Networks include: 

  • General Networking Socials 
  • Panel Discussions 
  • Interactive Workshops 
  • Basketball Game Watches 
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Contact alumni@villanova.edu or call 1-800-VILLANOVA (845-5266). 

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